Reducing the perimeter for possible attacks and mitigating their impacts have become the most important issues in the cybersecurity domain. Be resilient: choose SQUAD! .

Identify the risks

Protect and detect

Respond and recover

Manage security, define the risks, identify vulnerabilities and list sensitive assets

We are committed to helping our clients organize their Cybersecurity governance, counter cyber threats and make sure their most sensitive projects are protected.

GRC experts, ISSA auditors, Ethical hackers, Compliance experts, Instructors: Squad experts work hand in hand with key accounts to offer the best cyber know-how and guarantee their resilience to the risk of attacks and their assets being compromised.

Squad works closely with government institutions to apply ANSSI security standards.

Guarantee major organizations get the cyber protection and monitoring they need to generate digital trust.

The negative impacts of cyberattacks are well known, but they increase in organizations that are unprepared. Our specialist operational security architects and engineers design, deploy and operate the most advanced solutions to protect vital organization infrastructure. Squad uses the best continuous monitoring solutions. The challenge: to detect even the tiniest signs of attempted intrusion, and prevent infrastructure from being compromised.

Responsiveness and effectiveness are the standard Squad response to a cyberattack

The question is not if, but when a cyberattack will occur. Squad teams are on permanent watch, ready to react and organize counter-measures. Our objective is to provide a fast, effective response to stop and contain the impact of all attempted intrusions.

Squad deploys business continuity plans to restore any hacked capacities. Squad provides legal support by collecting technical evidence. Understanding and integrating the attack techniques used allows us to upgrade security infrastructure to achieve more effectiveness and resilience.